30 de abril de 2009

Musicas de GH 3 para GR

1. Starting Out Small

2. Your First Real Gig

3. Making the Video

4. European Invasion

5. Shanker’s Island

6. The Hottest Band on Earth

7. Live in Japan

8. Battle for Your Soul

9. Second Encores

Bonus Tracks Pack

Bonus Tracks Pack 2

Bonus Tracks Pack 3

Bonus Tracks Pack 4

Bonus Tracks Pack 5


Dropkick Murphy’s Track pack

Single player Boss battle pack

Single songs Track pack

Def Leppard Track pack

Foo fighters Track pack

Muse Track pack

Classic Rock Track pack

Coldplay Track pack

Velvet Revolver Track pack

No Doubt Track pack

Isle of Wight Festival Track Pack

Motorhead Track pack

Modern Metal Track pack

Warner/Reprise Track Pack

Virtuoso Track Pack

Companion/Interscope Track Pack

European Single Tracks

Dragonforce Track pack

Metallica Track Pack


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